The future lies with community conservancies that RETURN benefit TO LOCAL PEOPLE from wildlife conservation.



Shot over two years in Zambia’s Kafue National Park - one of the largest intact wilderness areas in the world - NO FEAR NO FAVOR illuminates the wrenching choices faced by impoverished Africans who live where community meets wilderness, on the front lines of Africa's poaching crisis. Embedded with Game Rangers International (GRI), which shares law enforcement responsibility with the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), we join anti-poaching units at work in Kafue. We see why grassroots civilian partnerships are crucial to protecting wilderness ecosystems. Left unchecked, the internationally fueled poaching that decimates Africa's wildlife will destroy the future of human inhabitants as well.

Countering this destruction are local conservation efforts like Kafue's elephant orphanages, where Zambian caretakers rehabilitate young animals for return to the wild. Some keepers were once wildlife criminals. Kingsley, a former elephant poacher, avoided jail time by 'turning' - enlisting with ZAWA/GRI in the fight against poaching. He now works as an armed guard in the Phoenix Elephant Release Project protecting elephants orphaned by poachers. And some ZAWA officers doing high risk undercover work are women. Anety is a single mother raising three young daughters - one of whom wants to follow Anety’s footsteps into wildlife protection work when she grows up. NO FEAR NO FAVOR presents Zambians as rightful stakeholders intent on reclaiming the region’s living heritage for future generations. Their efforts signal a promising approach in the fight to sustain biodiversity in wilderness areas everywhere.

The power of great storytelling about the places where we are active, like Zambia, are one of the important ways we build a global community of advocates.
— Bill Ulfelder - New York Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy